Ginseng Honey Balls

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Turmeric has a wide range of health benefits, with the foremost being its anti-inflammatory properties. As a natural painkiller and antioxidant, it can be extremely beneficial to those with Arthritis, Joint Pain, or recovering from surgery. It is also effective in easing the discomfort of digestive complaints, and for several gastro-intestinal issues (including GERD and irritable bowel syndrome.)
Ginseng and Turmeric can be used as both food and medicine (including for stress management!), and you probably have at least one of them in your kitchen already.
It is taken to improve circulation, increase blood flow, revitalize the body, aid recovery from weakness after illness, and as a general energy-booster.
Adding Vibrant Foods to your diet whenever possible is a great prescription for increased Wellness! Learning more about Vibrant Foods (and Herbal Medicines) can empower you to make great choices about what to feed yourself and your family, which is why we’re excited to share some information about three amazing root plants that are healing, nourishing and easily accessible.


11.4 oz, 5.7 oz


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